Toward Excellence


It’s time to harness the power of a more complete customer engagement platform. Fēnom Digital collaborates with clients to create compelling experiences that connect shoppers seamlessly, from acquire to purchase to service.

Our proven, rigorous DRIVE methodology was designed to deliver this quality consistently, with successful partnership in mind.


Requirements gathered, including all aspects of the user interface, architecture, and future roadmap.


Industry best practices applied to functional and technical requirements, to build a scalable platform for the future.


Continuous iterative testing cycles begin: System Integrations, User Acceptance, and End to End to ensure a truly complete product.


Production site deployed with a seamless cutover plan, supported by functionality testing and E2E validation.
With deep experience and 100% certified developers and architects, our teams apply best practices for both quality and efficiency in mobile-first and user-first site design, merchandising, and technical architecture. And we continuously improve the products we create.

Simply put, Fēnom Digital does Digital Transformation right.

Managed Services

Leverage our industry experts to continue growing and enhancing your eCommerce platform. We get it done through continuous iteration and rapid development, executed by our Salesforce Support certified team. Here’s how Fēnom keeps the needle moving:

Rigorous Coordination

Outstanding agile project management, backlog management & roadmap planning.

Superior Development

Experienced and iterative development, build enhancements and frequent automated testing.

Relentless Support

White glove service and support for all projects, release management and 24/7 client support.


Let’s merge how your business works with how your customers want to engage. Our holistic perspective of your industry, with our analytical approach to customer experience, leads to results-driven traffic and measurably improved metrics. Count on our expertise in both commerce strategy and user-first creative development to enhance your Salesforce solution:

Build commerce experiences quickly.

Unify products, pricing, and catalogs.

Apply the right UX/UI from day one.

Help shoppers find what they want.

Launch campaigns faster.

Harness powerful AI to optimize engagement.

Personalize merchandising.

Boost organic traffic and conversions.


Fēnom Digital accelerates Salesforce eCommerce growth via advanced analytical solutions, proven methodologies, and our deep industry expertise. eCommerce isn’t just the platform — it’s all the business processes that support commerce and how it all ties together. And we say it’s better to think big, start small, and move fast. With 100% Salesforce focus and 100% Salesforce certification across our team, we’ve earned the right to reject the inadequacies, inefficiencies, and overpricing of traditional implementation.


Placing orders is great, but having the ability to efficiency manage orders and customers journey post purchase is key. Fenom has the leading experts in OMS business functions to bolster the post purchase journey and efficiently manage the sourcing logic and routing for fulfilment

If eCommerce is the face of your brand, order management is the heart – the ability to deliver an improved post-purchase experience while optimizing your supply chain efficiency – at scale – in a way that allows you to flexibly react to external influences is why every business needs an order management solution. Fenom has the leading order management and supply chain experts in the industry to help design and deliver an order management solution that meets your current and future needs, at speed and at scale.

Salesforce Cloud Integration

Leveraging the full power of the salesforce cloud platform requires expertise and understand of how the shared objects between offerings interact. We integrate salesforce clouds for a seamless experience to both your customers and business support teams. Fenom is the single place transform your customers experience using cross cloud solutions.

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