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User Experience


Partnering closely with design and business, Fēnom Digital captures behavioral insights and user-sourced data to optimize the user experience.

user experience

Our UX and UI specialists exclusively practice curating digital experiences that keep your customers coming back.

We take a modular, reusable approach to any new re-platform. Salesforce Reference Architecture (SFRA) uses modular CSS resources, separating global and page specific styles to lower page weight and optimize performance. With this approach we can quickly design and implement the overall theme of the site.


Site Reviews & Audits

Using data and best practices, we evaluate the application end-to-end and provide recommendations and a roadmap to improve the commerce experience.

Design Systems

To ensure the streamlined application of brand and improved UI consistency, a complete digital style guide paired with a modular design system will create a single source of truth to manage your brand and UX Components.

Customer Experience Design

Full-service creative design, user experience, and production services come together for a range of innovative digital applications and experiences that embody your brand and create artful interactions.

Interactive Development

Our technology experts have delivered hundreds of commerce implementations on all the leading commerce platforms, infusing intelligence in every transaction.